Dec 20, 2011

Sixth June - Everytime

Sixth June is the electro pop duo from Serbia.The group formed during 2008, Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal, who are rising from the mostly unknown music scene in Belgrade but nowdays re-based in Berlin.Their first official release “everytime” came out in March 2010 for the German label Genetic Music/No Emb Blanc. The band has been playing gigs in Germany, Belgium, Serbia; also performed at B.I.M. fest in Antwerp, and Exit festival Novi Sad.

Dec 15, 2011

Mechanical Cabaret - In Loving Memory

This is brand new video for the single ''In Loving Memory'' by Mechanical Cabaret, released by Major Records Medien GmbH 2011, produced and directed by Mr W
Music by Mechanical Cabaret, written by Roi Robertson (voice & electronics), currently together with Steve Bellamy on live synths, published by Warner Chappell Europe.

Nov 30, 2011

Dismantled - The War Inside Me

Dismantled come from US, this is the product of an experiment that began in late 2000 by Gary Zon, who was attempting to create something similar to Front Line Assembly's sound. After overwhelming positive feedback from online listeners, Gary began further sonic construction by drawing influences from television, movies, and music as well as adding vocals into the mix. The resulting sound was a unique blend of very melodic, yet complex mix of layered electro - industrial merged with inteligent dance music elements. Full albums: Dismantled (2002); PostNuclear (2004); Standard Issue (2006); When I'm Dead (2007) and The War Inside Me (2011). Here is official music video for song Insecthead from the last album.

Nov 1, 2011

NEO - Serial Killer

NEO, the Hungarian band, from Budapest, since its foundation in 1998, has produced 4 records, 11 singles and loads of remixes, some of which came out in the European market as well. 
In their homeland, the group has won many awards. 
What best describes style they have evolved, is a unique mixture of various musical trends in which the individual features of post new-wave, dark and electro-pop sounds with indie-pop-like melodies. 
1. House of Babylon Vol 1.
3.Crash'n'Carry Sampler
4.Feeling So Happy
Here is the last single Serial Killer and official video!!

Oct 18, 2011

KillMatriarch - Prodigal Daughter

    KillMatriarch was formed in the spring of 2010 by Matriarch and OnTronik (Co-Founder of System of a Down and The Apex Theory). The duo have caught the attention of devoted fans globally with the steady release of songs from their debut EP: ''Order through Chaos''. Band come from Los Angeles, CA and here is brand new video.

Oct 6, 2011

Henric de la Cour - Dracula

The voice and face of Yvonne and Strip Music, Henric de la Cour (Sweden), finally has a release date for his upcoming self titled solo debut album on Progress Productions.
"Henric de la Cour!" will be out in Scandinavia on 19th October and on 28th October in the rest of the world. 
The first 200 copies will be released in a special signed 2CD edition Holding remixes from Martin Sköld from Kent, Aliens Saws and Mister Monell and Emmon.
This is his brand new video!

Sep 17, 2011

IAMX - Bernadette German Version

 IamX with its mastermind Chris Corner made a new and interesting video for a Bernadette on English and German version.
As I expected this quite unusual and chaotic artist is on the highlight in his musical career. 
IamX's brand new album Volatile Times and EP Bernadette is available everywhere and can't be better than it is now - dark, demonic, freaky amazing collection of CC's priceless mind.

He and his crew are independent musical artists with sophisticated talent so they need all support of their audience. 

If you are interested, go to the shops an FUCKING buy IT!!!

Aug 21, 2011

Bondage Fairies - 1-0

New EP from Swedish “nintendo-death-punk” band formed in Stockholm.
After two albums and two singles, here comes new EP 1- 0! Contains 4 tracks:  1-0, Shocked But Not Surprised, nv4.dll and Forgot The Image I Got A Heart. Filled with energy, heavy guitar sound and distinctive nintendo melodies which promise an interesting journey.

Aug 19, 2011

PAKT - Freiheit

On June 4, 2011 Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli announced they were leaving And One and formed a new band entitled PAKT. Band come from Berlin (Germany).
Right on time for their debut gig at the M’Era Luna Festival in August 2011, PAKT are dishing up their first single “Freiheit”, an electronic anthem that unleashes an onslaught of sly grins, massive bass, friendly aggression, ironic paroles and catchy melodies. 
They have released a smashing new video, for their first single.

Aug 2, 2011

Imperative Reaction - Surface

Formed in 1996 in Los Angeles, California by David Andrecht and Ted Phelps, Imperative Reaction began as the remnants of the Los Angeles based D.N.A. An early demo tape entitled Debris was released in the summer of 1996 only to be recalled and destroyed after the band decided to start over with fresh material. After some experimentation, band started working on a new demo.

In February of 1999, Eulogy For The Sick Child was released. Comprised of material created during the band’s short, three-year history, Eulogy… was an immediate success in the United States.The album Ruined from 2002, proved that there was more to Imperative Reaction than relentless club hits. Shortly afterwards, work began on their follow-up record. Taking nearly a year to complete, Redemption, their newest album, was established in early 2004. Following the success of Redemption, the band worked for more than a year to release As We Fall on November 7, 2006. Minus All, their fifth album, was released on October 7, 2008.

The band release in july 12, 2011 an 8-track single, entitled “Surface” as an appetizer for the forthcoming studio album. New album will be released on Sep 13, 2011.

Jul 30, 2011

Cylab - Skin

Formed in 1999, Cylab is based on the foundations of dark electronic music and intermingling various styles and structures that defy strict categorization. Now in 2010, the band releases its third, most diverse and most accessible record: Cut & Coil! Furthering the band's trademark blend of dark electro, synthesized melody, and intelligent sound design as demonstrated by the dance floor stomp of "Skin," the mix of glitchy industrial and somber piano on "Cocoon," and the breakneck punk-like speed of "Trigger," and featuring a frenetic remix by post-industrial IDM act Totakeke, Cut & Coil is Cylab's most energetic and musically frenzied album to date; no less melodic and no less experimental, simultaneously fulfilling the needs of any rivethead club-goer and any explorer of sound and atmosphere. Cylab is: Dre Robinson, SeVerina X Sol and Percy Trayanov.

Jul 7, 2011

Detroit Diesel - Terre Humaine

In 2006, the history of Detroit Diesel began.
Based in Edmonton - Canada, Norwegian Sebastian R. Komor is also renown for his successful activities under the ZOMBIE GIRL, ICON OF COIL, SQUAREHEAD and BRUDERSCHAFT monikers. 
The first demo, Dancing with Terror, is launched in 2008. 
Detroit Diesel became the propriety of Deathwatch Asia which decided to release the album Terre Humaine, consolidated from the previous demo, in 2010. 
The full-length debut album Terre Humaine was published on November 12, 2010. It is manufactured by Infacted Recordings for the European market, with Deathwatch Asia serving the rest of the world.

Jun 25, 2011

Mechanical Cabaret - Disco Vandalism

British synthpop project, currently residing in an old knocking shop in the heart of London, the band Mechanical Cabaret is centered around the music, lyrics, voice & electronics of Roi Robertson, currently together with Steve Bellamy on live synths. 
In June 2002 Roi released his first album We Have An Agenda,  second album  Product For Your Insecurity released in April 2006. Album Damaged Goods and the single GBH were both released by Major Records Medien GmbH on March 20 2009. The new album in 2011, Disco Vandalism is collection of wonderful and rare remixes from songs over the last decade of Mechanical Cabaret!

Jun 18, 2011

Krystal System - Nuclear

Krystal System is an electrometal band from Paris, France formed in 2007, members are Bonnie (Vox, guitars) and N° 7 (Vox, synths & machines). Band released their debut album Underground in 2009. In 2011. they release its second album ''Nuclear'', this is an album full to the brim with dynamics, grooves, anger and melodies which breathes and transpires a forceful creativity and astounding song-writing maturity; the whole collection of songs benefits from top-notch production work in the prestigious Parisian "Studios d'Or" and is crowned by the sharp mastering work by Swift in London.

Jun 5, 2011

Nexus-6 - Party Doll

   Formed by dr Benway (programming, vocals, guitar) and Luz (vocals) in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005, Nexus-6 started producing electronic music under the influences of electro, ebm & electroclash. 
The dark and powerful sound that they have accomplished is the result of a combination of digital and analog instruments mixed with sharp lyrics, punk voices and rock guitars. 
In 2006 Matías (live drums) joins Nexus-6 playing his industrial noise beats at their shows.

May 28, 2011

Santa Hates You - Rocket Heart

Santa Hates You is a german based musical project born in autumn 2007.
Members of the band are Peter "PS" Spilles (also known as the mastermind of Project Pitchfork) and his female comrade-in-arms, the italian Jinxy.
Their music is straight forward dark-electro, with industrial traits and extremely danceable beats on one side, and catchy sequences as well as gothic elements on the other. The band describes their sound as "juicy electronic-gothic-industrial".
Santa Hates You is a subversive musical project, and this is reflected in the lyrics and in the image of the band. While being ironic and witty, neither the band's image nor the lyrics end up being superficial: there's always a considerable portion of depth, rebellion and shrewdness hidden behind the humorous facade.

May 24, 2011

Kap Bambino - Blacklists

Kap Bambino is an electronic musical duo from Bordeaux, France. The group is known for Caroline Martial's wild vocals and Orion Bouvier' electronic metal mixes. The group is also known for their excited live performances. In 2001, Martial formed the group's own independent label, "wwilko". They have been featured in NME, Another Magazine, Dummy Mag and Dazed and Confused. Discography: Love (2002) - (wwilko), Zero Life Night Vision (2006) - (wwilko), Zero Life Night Vision 12' (2008) (Alt < Del), Blacklist (2009) (Because Music). The single's video's ''Dead Lazers'' shot by James Lees (Warp Films), and its setting is an illegal carpark rave. Think along the lines of cult classic movie The Warriors, albeit set to blistering blast beats, and you're kinda along the right lines.

May 14, 2011

Tying Tiffany - Show me what you got

Tying Tiffany was born in Padova (Italy). In the early years of her career she has travelled Europe as bass player and singer in various indie rock bands and she has acted  in some independent movies, artistic films and theatrical performances. Debut album ''Undercover'', released in 2005. and after a show on the NME stage at Gronongen's Festival, the label I Scream Records takes a deal with Tying Tiffany to release her second album called Brain for Breakfast, in 2007. In 2010 Tying Tiffany signs a deal with the German label Trisol for her third album Peoples Temple, Peoples Temple takes inspiration from the homonymus San Francisco's cult led by Jim Jones guilty for the 1978 mass suicide. This is her brand new video from theSPONKstudios  2011.

May 11, 2011

Waves under Water - All Of Your Light

 Waves under Water is a dark wave/electro-band from Stockholm, Sweden, and consists of Angelica Segerbäck on vocals, Johan Svärdshammar on guitar and synth, chorus and composing, and live musicians Rickard Kretschmer on drum pads and Ursula Ewrelius on synth.Waves under Water combines dark romanticism and electronic beats, with powerful melodies at the core. The lyrics are often inspired by the wild nature of the north, dreams, religions and forceful emotions. The musical influences are many and include various artists from the 80’s post punk and gothic rock scene, folk, dream pop, ebm and industrial.They new album: ''All Of Your Light'' is released in 2011.

May 10, 2011

OpkOd - One

When a musician fond of cold electronic music [DMZ] meets a dark rock addicted singer [Ben in Black] - This meeting breeds an alternative band with very particular sounds. OpkOd wants to explore some new musical fields, to combine the dancing and the hovering, the martial and the deep, the synthetic and the organic, retracing the millennium confrontation between the Man and the Machine. 

They come from France and their debut album ''One'' released in 2010.

May 4, 2011

The Brixton Academy - Vivid

The Brixton Academy named themselves after the concert hall in Britain.  And the British influence is pretty evident in their music. 
With influences that vary from New Order to Depeche Mode, King Crimson to (New York era) Madonna, Hot Chip to Yellow Magic Orchestra. 
They come from Tokyo, Japan and say about themselves: ''Take four lively lads, stick them in a basement club two floors underground in a far flung corner of a sprawling metropolis. Feed them on a diet of 70's New Wave, pumped up early 80's New Romantic Electro, and a 90's hunger for indie Hacienda dance floor guitar rock. Top it off with identikit black mop top haircuts then wrap in monochrome vertical stripes and you've just about got TBA.''.
Here is song “See You In A Dream” from debut album ''Vivid'' (2010).       

Apr 28, 2011

Dekad - Monophonic

Dekad was formed in 2000 in France, at the time the band was composed of 4 people with similar influences (new wave, punk rock, electro pop, EBM, goth). 
The start of a new collaboration: JB and Member U-0176 from Celluloide started working on Dekad's debut album "Sin Lab" and this album was finally released in 2005.
The trio returned in studio in 2006 to record their second album "Confidential Tears".
New album  "Monophonic" will be out may 2. 2011.!! The debut single, "So Sorry" is an emotional duet with Foretaste's singer.

Apr 16, 2011

Zeigeist - The Jade Motel

Zeigeist was a Swedish pop band and art constellation, formed 2006 and split up 2009. with remarkable performances and shows, with a clash of music and art performance. They started as a collective of several artists, musicians and designers and created the art’ntainment concept. They released their debut album ''The Jade Motel'' 2008 but were by then only three members: Pearl, Princess and Mattias.

Mar 29, 2011

The Rorschach Garden

Minimal Electro/Synthpop Band of Philipp Münch (Synapscape), Barbara Teichner and Natascha Pohlmann.

Founded in 1988 as a Noise/Experimental project, the sound changed into Minimal Electro/Synthpop during the second half of the 90s.
Self-titled album in 2004 was the first bigger release, containing many hits of former records. This album and the following two “Our Japanese Friends” (2005) and “The Toy Factory” (2007) became very well known and liked in the Electro scene.

Mar 18, 2011


Titans is a collaboration of Fredrik Mattsson and Jimmy Svensson from Sweden together with San Francisco based lead vocalist Dan Von Hoyel.
“All There Is” is their first single and also comes with a nicely done video, directed by Fredrik Karlsson.
With striking beats and an infectious sound structure combining a catchy melody and beautiful vocals “All There Is” a very strong track and truly addictive.

Mar 15, 2011


The MANUFACTURERS of stylistic perfection it is to be marked that it concerns with plas.tick production no beginners. Thus all three musicians gained versatile experiences in most different projects and productions and to work still today on the automatic controllers of parallel make ions.
Plas*tick stands for a music, which sketches artificial worlds from electronic arrangements. As tick expresses itself it as forceful and binding. Thus also the letters P L A S stand as contractions in the meaning for "people love all sounds" to erase forceful loving in artificial worlds their longing search. . .

Mar 12, 2011


   Group [T.3.R] is a russian gothic industrial band. They finished filming and is pleased to announce the result of a long post-production - their debut video for the song «Zuruck: 1,2»

  The band exists since 2002, and each of members has played in various bands ranging from metal, gothic, glam, industrial, rock and alternative music.

They released 2006. LP "История Безумия" and now you can check out their new single.

Feb 27, 2011

Tommy Sparks

Tommy Sparks is a fusion/pop/alternative musician born in Stockholm, Sweden who currently lives in Kilburn, London, United Kingdom. He is known for his songs "She's Got Me Dancing" and "I'm a Rope". His self-titled album was released on 11 May 2009 in the United Kingdom.

Feb 21, 2011


   Two lovers of the electronic music join 
and form Oblique. They are Sonja (vocals & lyrics) and Gonzalez (synth & programming).
   At the end of 2008, for the same love to the electronic music, Linn joins the band in order to play the bass and synth support. He’s also collaborating on the programming of new songs.
   They come from  Spain and introduce us into an electronic universe where the 80’s culture and the dark-dance and dancing music have their signature


Feb 10, 2011

Bespa Kumamero

      Bespa Kumamero was formed in March of 2001. The members Azumi (Vocals) and Monkichi (Programming/Guitar) call themselves a digital techno performance unit. Their unique group performs regularly in Tokyo but has toured in France, Germany, Great Britain... Bespa Kumamero is so obscure, they don’t have a wikipedia page (yet).

Feb 6, 2011

Felix Marc

Felix Marc has been making music since 1994, the first pieces consisted exclusively of the synthesizer - drum computer and sampled sounds that guided via a software sequencer Since 1994 there have been various stylistic changes and developments from Hard Trance to House and Rave and later a symbiosis of Dream House and Trance.
In 2001 he began work with Torben Wendt in the Dark Wave Diorama as producer background singer and live keyboard player, this collaboration has produced some amazing musics experience and connections.

Jan 29, 2011

Bondage Fairies

Bondage Fairies is probably the only nintendo-death-punk band from Sweden, named after a Japanese Hentai graphic novel, the band consists of Elvis Creep (lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer) and Deus Deceptor (vocals, bass, synthesizer). The duo came together in 2001, Elvis after being rejected from art school, and Deus being a budding computer scientist. They have released two albums and two singles to date. He-man 7" (2005), What You Didn't Now when You Hired Me (2006),
 Garbage Indiebands (2008) and Cheap Italian Wine (2009).

Jan 15, 2011

Metal On Metal

  Metal On Metal are from Lithuania and these three guys — Manfredas, Kym Wild, and Miss America — don’t call their tunes “electro” or dance, they call it “slaughterhouse” and en lieu of a typically posh recording studio, lay down their tracks in a former sewing factory. Named originally for a 1975 Kraftwerk song, their band-name can be abbreviated as MOM.

Have you ever seen Russian Roulette played out on a ping-pong table, with a grenade?

Do you have problems with your teeth??
Here is solution!!!


Jan 4, 2011

Alec Empire - We All Die!!!

Alec Empire, what an artist! 

I enjoyed his live performance at Exit festival, Novi Sad and had an amazing experience. This song ''On Fire'' gives so much energy and adrenalin that I can feel every time I listen to it.

      In our life conception of death is different in each of us. Someone feels fear and cold emotions, apathetic or lucid thoughts, but there are individuals that can make fun and be hand in hand with defamed mr or mrs death.
At the end, what is on the other side? 
Because... WE ALL DIE!!  ;)