Nov 30, 2011

Dismantled - The War Inside Me

Dismantled come from US, this is the product of an experiment that began in late 2000 by Gary Zon, who was attempting to create something similar to Front Line Assembly's sound. After overwhelming positive feedback from online listeners, Gary began further sonic construction by drawing influences from television, movies, and music as well as adding vocals into the mix. The resulting sound was a unique blend of very melodic, yet complex mix of layered electro - industrial merged with inteligent dance music elements. Full albums: Dismantled (2002); PostNuclear (2004); Standard Issue (2006); When I'm Dead (2007) and The War Inside Me (2011). Here is official music video for song Insecthead from the last album.


  1. Love this guys , Fantastic sound and project.

  2. They really made excellent work with this album and the video is very good and crazy, but I LIKE it ;)
    Thanks for coming by!