Jul 30, 2011

Cylab - Skin

Formed in 1999, Cylab is based on the foundations of dark electronic music and intermingling various styles and structures that defy strict categorization. Now in 2010, the band releases its third, most diverse and most accessible record: Cut & Coil! Furthering the band's trademark blend of dark electro, synthesized melody, and intelligent sound design as demonstrated by the dance floor stomp of "Skin," the mix of glitchy industrial and somber piano on "Cocoon," and the breakneck punk-like speed of "Trigger," and featuring a frenetic remix by post-industrial IDM act Totakeke, Cut & Coil is Cylab's most energetic and musically frenzied album to date; no less melodic and no less experimental, simultaneously fulfilling the needs of any rivethead club-goer and any explorer of sound and atmosphere. Cylab is: Dre Robinson, SeVerina X Sol and Percy Trayanov.

Jul 7, 2011

Detroit Diesel - Terre Humaine

In 2006, the history of Detroit Diesel began.
Based in Edmonton - Canada, Norwegian Sebastian R. Komor is also renown for his successful activities under the ZOMBIE GIRL, ICON OF COIL, SQUAREHEAD and BRUDERSCHAFT monikers. 
The first demo, Dancing with Terror, is launched in 2008. 
Detroit Diesel became the propriety of Deathwatch Asia which decided to release the album Terre Humaine, consolidated from the previous demo, in 2010. 
The full-length debut album Terre Humaine was published on November 12, 2010. It is manufactured by Infacted Recordings for the European market, with Deathwatch Asia serving the rest of the world.