Feb 27, 2011

Tommy Sparks

Tommy Sparks is a fusion/pop/alternative musician born in Stockholm, Sweden who currently lives in Kilburn, London, United Kingdom. He is known for his songs "She's Got Me Dancing" and "I'm a Rope". His self-titled album was released on 11 May 2009 in the United Kingdom.

Feb 21, 2011


   Two lovers of the electronic music join 
and form Oblique. They are Sonja (vocals & lyrics) and Gonzalez (synth & programming).
   At the end of 2008, for the same love to the electronic music, Linn joins the band in order to play the bass and synth support. He’s also collaborating on the programming of new songs.
   They come from  Spain and introduce us into an electronic universe where the 80’s culture and the dark-dance and dancing music have their signature


Feb 10, 2011

Bespa Kumamero

      Bespa Kumamero was formed in March of 2001. The members Azumi (Vocals) and Monkichi (Programming/Guitar) call themselves a digital techno performance unit. Their unique group performs regularly in Tokyo but has toured in France, Germany, Great Britain... Bespa Kumamero is so obscure, they don’t have a wikipedia page (yet).

Feb 6, 2011

Felix Marc

Felix Marc has been making music since 1994, the first pieces consisted exclusively of the synthesizer - drum computer and sampled sounds that guided via a software sequencer Since 1994 there have been various stylistic changes and developments from Hard Trance to House and Rave and later a symbiosis of Dream House and Trance.
In 2001 he began work with Torben Wendt in the Dark Wave Diorama as producer background singer and live keyboard player, this collaboration has produced some amazing musics experience and connections.