Oct 26, 2010

Deep Breath

    Once in a lifetime, there are some moments which happens very quickly but its effect can last a long time, even forever.
 And so i'm somehow always a lucky victim to enjoy a such kind of moments which result is a marked song for my eternity.
 All we are a sensitive creatures, some of us are so hypersensitive that all does been ever seen and touched can last so real and brighten in our mind or imagination that can become our strenght, love and any kind of everlasting emotions.
 I'm such a kind of person that cultivate and prolong every breath and every heartbeat.
 Maybe i'm not so easily to understand... ;)

 ...Every emotion have its colour,
     Every colour have its intensity,
      Every intensity have its odour...

    This song was my guide 
      through the dark side of a day 
   and a light side of the nightmares.

Oct 16, 2010

    Everyone Needs Someway To LOVE

Oct 15, 2010

       ... And Cherry On Top Of The Cake ...

Oct 7, 2010

   Dobrodošli na ovaj mali kolačić slasti nad beskrajnom ponudom electro požude! Pronađite svoj slatki zalogajčić i polako žvaćite, da vam ne bi zastao dah od mnogih iznenađenja i skrivenih strasti!!!
  Inđoj A Lot!!!