Jan 29, 2011

Bondage Fairies

Bondage Fairies is probably the only nintendo-death-punk band from Sweden, named after a Japanese Hentai graphic novel, the band consists of Elvis Creep (lead vocals, guitar, synthesizer) and Deus Deceptor (vocals, bass, synthesizer). The duo came together in 2001, Elvis after being rejected from art school, and Deus being a budding computer scientist. They have released two albums and two singles to date. He-man 7" (2005), What You Didn't Now when You Hired Me (2006),
 Garbage Indiebands (2008) and Cheap Italian Wine (2009).

Jan 15, 2011

Metal On Metal

  Metal On Metal are from Lithuania and these three guys — Manfredas, Kym Wild, and Miss America — don’t call their tunes “electro” or dance, they call it “slaughterhouse” and en lieu of a typically posh recording studio, lay down their tracks in a former sewing factory. Named originally for a 1975 Kraftwerk song, their band-name can be abbreviated as MOM.

Have you ever seen Russian Roulette played out on a ping-pong table, with a grenade?

Do you have problems with your teeth??
Here is solution!!!


Jan 4, 2011

Alec Empire - We All Die!!!

Alec Empire, what an artist! 

I enjoyed his live performance at Exit festival, Novi Sad and had an amazing experience. This song ''On Fire'' gives so much energy and adrenalin that I can feel every time I listen to it.

      In our life conception of death is different in each of us. Someone feels fear and cold emotions, apathetic or lucid thoughts, but there are individuals that can make fun and be hand in hand with defamed mr or mrs death.
At the end, what is on the other side? 
Because... WE ALL DIE!!  ;)