Jan 15, 2011

Metal On Metal

  Metal On Metal are from Lithuania and these three guys — Manfredas, Kym Wild, and Miss America — don’t call their tunes “electro” or dance, they call it “slaughterhouse” and en lieu of a typically posh recording studio, lay down their tracks in a former sewing factory. Named originally for a 1975 Kraftwerk song, their band-name can be abbreviated as MOM.

Have you ever seen Russian Roulette played out on a ping-pong table, with a grenade?

Do you have problems with your teeth??
Here is solution!!!



  1. Very interesting video for Bastards, but No front teeth, I can't believe it, crazy stuff! ;))

  2. Thanks for sharing the Bastard video, I had never heard of the band, the track or the video before so it was such a pleasure to watch it.

    There is more suspense and sense of narrative in this short video than most horror films have in 90 minutes!

    As for No Front Teeth, I agree with spiritual mistress above....crazy beyond belief!

    A cool and interesting blog you have

  3. @spiritual mistress

    I'm glad to see you again, crazy stuff is one of my favourite ;))

    @the saucer people

    Thanks for comment!
    You shoot straight to the target, do not know which is better video at all, I like them both!

    I appreciate your effort in finding new music, you are welcome from now to always.