May 24, 2011

Kap Bambino - Blacklists

Kap Bambino is an electronic musical duo from Bordeaux, France. The group is known for Caroline Martial's wild vocals and Orion Bouvier' electronic metal mixes. The group is also known for their excited live performances. In 2001, Martial formed the group's own independent label, "wwilko". They have been featured in NME, Another Magazine, Dummy Mag and Dazed and Confused. Discography: Love (2002) - (wwilko), Zero Life Night Vision (2006) - (wwilko), Zero Life Night Vision 12' (2008) (Alt < Del), Blacklist (2009) (Because Music). The single's video's ''Dead Lazers'' shot by James Lees (Warp Films), and its setting is an illegal carpark rave. Think along the lines of cult classic movie The Warriors, albeit set to blistering blast beats, and you're kinda along the right lines.

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