May 4, 2011

The Brixton Academy - Vivid

The Brixton Academy named themselves after the concert hall in Britain.  And the British influence is pretty evident in their music. 
With influences that vary from New Order to Depeche Mode, King Crimson to (New York era) Madonna, Hot Chip to Yellow Magic Orchestra. 
They come from Tokyo, Japan and say about themselves: ''Take four lively lads, stick them in a basement club two floors underground in a far flung corner of a sprawling metropolis. Feed them on a diet of 70's New Wave, pumped up early 80's New Romantic Electro, and a 90's hunger for indie Hacienda dance floor guitar rock. Top it off with identikit black mop top haircuts then wrap in monochrome vertical stripes and you've just about got TBA.''.
Here is song “See You In A Dream” from debut album ''Vivid'' (2010).       


  1. Hello! What a nice surprise, I love them so much, they are great guys, I meet them live! Tnx for sharing!

  2. It's very interesting and good band, sounds very retro ;)
    Tnx for comment.